How To Make Money With Nude Photos: Variety is the Key

If making money from your photos is a reason for your interest in learning how to take nude pictures, you’ll need to get used to shooting “image sets.”

An “image set” is a a series of individual images that, when viewed as a whole, comprise a logical and cohesive group. It’s from these types of image sets that magazines and websites choose what pictures will be featured in the actual layout.

young nude model

Within the field of “Adult-oriented” nude photography, most image sets begin with the model fully clothed and end with the model fully nude. Essentially, it’s a fairly obvious “striptease” type of progression.

Your image sets might consist of between 100 to 150 images. This amount  will give editors and art directors a variety of shots to choose from (without overwhelming them with too many). Most importantly, it’s vital that your image sets include a wide variety of shots.

This range of images should include a mixture of poses, camera angles, amounts of clothing worn by the model, and degrees of explicitness as far as poses (make sure your poses are appropriate for the magazine or site you’re shooting for).

A nude photography technique you’ll need to get accustomed to is shooting both horizontal and vertical images. Some poses work especially well in a vertical format, and some work especially well in a horizontal format (and some can go either way). The image seen here is one in which a horizontal format was the obvious choice.

If you typically take the majority of your shots in one orientation or the other, you’ll need to train yourself to mix things up. Ideally, you’ll want about half the shots to be vertical and half to be horizontal. It’s not necessary to be exact, just make sure that your set includes a good representation of both formats.

Remember, the more variety your image sets contain, the more likely you are to profit from them.

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