How To Use Contrasting Elements In Erotic Photography

This nearly nude image is a classic example of a nude photography tip composed of  using opposing forces to create something very interesting. This technique is used in all art forms. It’s certainly no secret that mixing vastly different textures, styles, or colors often result in very unique creations.

How To Use

In this case, the opposing forces are comprised of extremely lacy and ultra-feminine lingerie being worn by a model who possesses an “alternative” look. The combination makes for a striking juxtaposition.

There are an infinite amount of potentially contrasting elements that can be put together to create these types of shots. The list of nude photo ideas is truly endless. The shot of this model wearing something that seems out of character is just one of many possibilities.

Along with the obvious contrasts in this shot, the tilt of her head, the position of her upper body, and her thumbs hooked under her panties create a somewhat aggressive feel.

From the hard shadow visible on the backdrop, you can tell that only one light was used for this shot. This type of hard lighting adds a grittiness to the shot that serves to accentuate the model’s relatively hard-core look.

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