Secrets Of Foot And Leg Fetish Photography

One of the most popular niches within the world of nude photography revolves around women’s feet and legs (commonly known as “Foot fetish” and “Leg fetish”). If you’re a nude photographer who has a desire to make money from your photos, it’s a good idea to learn the techniques of this style. I cover this topic in more detail in my eBook, SKIN: How To Take Stunning Nude Photos.

There are a number of magazines devoted entirely to images of this type (Leg Sex and Leg World, to name just two). However, if you’re going to have success getting your pictures purchased by magazines (or websites) that specialize in these types of images, you’ll have to learn a few specific factors that fans of these pictures want to see.

Like all fetish fans, foot and leg photography enthusiasts have extremely specific preferences about what they want to see in the pictures. Consequently, if your desire is to make money from your nude photography, it’s your job to deliver photographs that highlight these preferences.

The picture seen here is one I took of an Australian girl named Cori. As you’ll see, it includes many of the aspects that the discerning foot and leg fan is looking for.

A picture emphasizing foot and leg fetish using heels and fishnet stockings. Photo of young nude model.

Let’s go over some of them:

First, the model’s foot is definitely the main subject matter of the photograph. To help accomplish this, I used a 24 millimeter lens. A moderate wide-angle lens likes this one helps to create a bit of visual distortion that causes the foot to appear larger than anything else in the image.

In addition, I shot the picture from a relatively low angle. Many fans of this genre like pictures that convey a sense of “dominance” on the part of the model. Shooting from a low angle will help deliver this feeling because the model is essentially “looking down” on the viewer.

Adding to this sense of power is the somewhat haughty expression on Cori’s face. Within this genre, you’ll rarely see models smiling. Instead, you’ll see models with facial expressions that are supremely confident and even a bit stern at times.

As long as the legs and feet are featured, foot and leg fans like to see a wide variety of shots within a set. They enjoy seeing shots of feet in heels, shots of feet wearing only stockings, and shots in which the model is barefoot. The shot seen here contains two of those three.

When the shoes and stockings come off and you find yourself shooting barefoot models, you’ll want to take advantage of this by showing the feet and toes in a wide variety of positions. Some viewers like to see the toes spread wide, some like the toes crinkled, some like to see the toes pointed, others like to see the sole of the foot, and the list goes on and on.

As far as wardrobe goes, stockings and heels are always very popular. As this picture demonstrates, it’s hard to go wrong with fishnets. They’re a very popular choice for leg and feet images.

Finally, this image contains an additional factor that is also quite popular with this kind of image: Though the model’s feet and legs clearly dominate the image, the model’s face and entire body are also visible.

So there you have it: All the information you’ll need to create an image that will result in a foot and leg lover’s dream and will also put some money in your pocket.

What’s your favorite photography fetish? It’s easy to let us know by leaving a quick comment.

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