6 Nude Photography Tips & Techniques

There are a number of simple nude photography tips, techniques, and ideas that can quickly and easily improve your nude photography shots.

This picture is a good example of how shooting from a high angle can be very effective in creating striking images. For this particular image, I used a high angle to emphasize the model’s eyes as she looks up to the camera.

Besides the shooting angle, a wide aperture setting results in the background (including the model’s body) to be slightly soft in focus compared to her face and, most importantly, her eyes.

If a model’s eyes are tack-sharp, viewers will tend to consider the entire image to be “in focus”. On the other hand, if a model’s eyes are not sharp, viewers will tend to see the entire picture as “out of focus”.

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On an more detailed note, it’s a good idea to focus specifically on the eye of the model that’s closest to the camera. In this shot, both eyes are the same distance from the camera. However, you’ll often face situations when this isn’t the case.

Additionally, the mild diagonal positioning of her body from the lower right to the upper left of the frame adds visual interest to the image. When composing images, keep an eye out for interesting diagonals.

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