Mastering The Secrets Of Erotic Photography

Although there’s no nudity in this shot (or even the suggestion of it), there’s no denying that it’s still a very sexy and alluring image.

The shadow cast by the model’s body is only one of the factors that gives the shot a unique look. The shot was taken using white seamless paper as a backdrop. This type of backdrop results in a smooth transition from the horizontal (the floor) to the vertical (the wall).

nude photography lighting, nude poses

The appearance of the single and relatively hard shadow implies that the picture was taken using a single light placed in front of the model (approximately 45 degrees right of the camera position).

The body position of the model, with most of her weight placed on her right leg creates an appealing pose. Directing models to place the majority of their weight on one leg or the other is typically a way to add a sexy curve (or curves) to a pose.

Having the model glance over her right shoulder also gives the shot added drama and mystery.

Additionally, pictures like this one that emphasize the legs usually benefit from high heels; and this shot is no exception.

Finally, the body of the model is placed vertically on the right side of the image. This is a good use of “The Rule of Thirds” and creates a very striking composition.

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